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25 December 1998
PEN Establishes Pagan Community Fund

The Pagan Educational Network, Inc. is proud to announce the founding of the Pagan Community Fund. This fund, formerly known as the Wiccan Community Fund, provides cash assistance to Pagans in need. Recipients may use the assistance to put food in the cupboard, pay bills, recover from some natural disaster, or fund legal efforts in the case of religious discrimination.

Moneys in the fund are raised through tax-deductible contributions from the Pagan community. All donations go towards assistance and operations expenses.

The PCF is operated as part of PENs ongoing commitment to build community and create a better world. Anyone wishing to make a tax-deductible donation, or individuals or groups in need, may contact Lady Jana Heowulf-Noroan, Treasurer, PCF, PO Box 121, Garden City, MO 64747. Lady Jana may also be reached via e-mail at . For more information about the PCF, see PENs website at www.paganed.net or send a business-sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope to PEN, PO Box 586, Indianapolis, IN 46224 .